Killzone 3 DLC “Steel Rain” released in Europe today

Killzone 3

You’ve been playing Killzone 3 since its release and your ready for some new battlefields to destroy? Finally, your in luck the downloadable map pack “Steel Rain” releases today in European and April 12 in North American.

The “Steel Rain” DLC contains “Junkyard” a Guerrilla Warfare map that’ll amass even more detritus from demolished jetpacks and toppled exoskeletons, and “Stahl Arms” a Warzone map set in a Helghan weapons manufacturing plant. Both maps take you deep into the depths of the Killzone battle life.

The map pack will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers during the first month its out, and will cost €4,99 ($4.99 on the US store) to non-subscribers.

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